How to use the Rust Team System

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A Team system | Rust update 29th June 2018

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Trying Out The New Team System In Rust

Testing out the new Team Update in Rust, it actually works! Twitter - Discord - Steam ...

The new Rust team system is now live.

Thanks the facepunch group who added this feature to the game. You can now create a team and invite your friends to play together.

This feature was requested by many players over all the Rust existence and this is now live. Rust team may had problem to get this integration perfectly done and i do think they have found the best way to do it with the green dot and map position.

How to use the new Rust Team System ?

You simply have to be near your friend, open inventory, then create a team.

After that, you have the option to invite your new teammates.

Is this game breaking for Rust Community ?

Some member of Rust say this is a game breaker because they can no longer wear the same gear as the other team and get hidden in a group without anyone to notice. But for my part, this is so rare that someone can achieve that kind of stuff so i think this is not a game breaker but a very good add to the game. Rust is so hard, when we add some feature like this one it’s more enjoyable and will not only be played by hardcore player. Server administrator can disable the team feature at any time.

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