What is Islands of Nyne ?

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What is Islands of Nyne ?

Islands of Nyne - 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW!

What you need to know about Islands of Nyne, the skill driven Battle Royale in a sci-fi universe. Watch me live https://fb.gg/ForceGaming Merch ...

Islands of Nyne is a FPS Battleground

Or many people will call it a Battle Royal game. It’s a new game that emerged recently.

Right now this is a really good game and very promising, they have disabled the mda to avoid people to record the game. So everyone can now record gaming and upload to youtube or play it on twitch.

What is different on Islands of Nyne ?

This is more arcade game, the battle are very quick. It look like an hunger game and the graphic are very cool !

The auto reloading of guns is not activated so you need to reload a gun as soon as you get it. Island of nyne is dedicated to hardcore game i think because people are very good and it’s based on fast aiming. The game is still in early access but people are very intense now.

Skins are free, this is an awesome feature.

Similar to PUBG ?

No this is not, it look like Fortnite as a battle royal. It’s very aggressive so no more crouch and wait like in PUBG. For now Islands of Nyne is kinda badly optimized but it’s still playable, don’t forget this is a early access game.

Average time per game on Island of Nyne ?

Most of the game finish in 10 to 15 minutes, thats perfect for people who want to play many games during a normal playtime (2-3 hours)

Our Review ?

Graphic : 9/10

Optimized : 7/10

Fun : 8/10

Concept : 8/10

Average : 8 / 10

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